Bring Back Brock And Misty To The Pokémon Anime For A Few Seasons

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Everyone remembers the original cast of characters in the first few seasons of the Pokémon anime. Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock. Along the way, new characters have come and gone. Some bad, some good. The worst decision they made was to get rid of Brock and Misty around the Sinnoh seasons. One reason is that fans thought they were being treated poorly by the crew and didn't like what they were doing with them or they just did that for no reason. I want Brock and Misty back in Pokémon anime. They were some of the best characters the anime has ever had. They were very fleshed out and were actually relatable to the audience since Misty most had a secret crush on Ash and was an orphan and was outshined by her older sisters and Brock wanted to achieve his dreams of becoming a Pokémon breeder/doctor. They need to come back. Or at the very least they should be in at least an episode or movie to tie up loose ends and stuff like that.


Recently, Misty and Brock returned to the anime for an arc in the Sun and Moon season (in my opinion, one of the worst times you could bring them back). I still think Brock and Misty should stay in the anime. I believe they should stay for a few seasons to tie up loose ends and get more development on their backstories on where they have been.

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