change the doctor in "doctor who" back to a male

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Doctor who has followed the set role of being a male for over 60 years now, however with the reveal of the new female Doctor it is clear the BBC does not respect the story line, the history or tradition of the show, instead they are mindlessly following the uneducated SJW community for attention and publicity. Doctor who has shoved in numerous political points down our throats (uneducated comments  on capitalism etc..) which do not belong on a sci-fi TV show, the change brings up numerous questions that simply can not be solved such as the relationship with River Song, Bills sexuality, the companion's gender and much more. It is not sexist to see this is not fitting with the Doctors themes and many loyal facts see this as the final nail in the coffin for the once great TV show, i see this is a disgrace and insulting to mine and everyone else's childhood with numerous people of the only 2 genders agreeing with me.