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Organize a Constituent Assembly for the United States

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We live in a deeply troubled time, the forces of capitalism, white supremacy, homophobia, patriarchy and cisheterosexism are more open than ever before. This is due to the design of our country, a creation of rich white slaveowners, this is the very lifeblood of this country. 

The election of Donald J. Trump as president only proves that point that the system was designed against its citizens. To remedy this we're calling for a constituent assembly, an organization of all the peoples of this nation whether white, black, indigenous, man, woman, nonbinary, to create for ourselves a new system of governance. One that takes into account the needs of all people and erodes the foundations for another Donald Trump in the future. 

The urgency, not just for us but for future generations, is clear. We need to create a more perfect union, one that is responsive not just to those with power, but to the most vulnerable as well. The constitution never failed us because it was never meant for us, now let us create one that is. 

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