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Take the fight directly to those bankrolling the removal of net neutrality.

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The time is now, 2 weeks before the vote. We have all contacted our respective representatives, unfortunately letters and e-mails do next to nothing to sway their opinion when faced with the real deal breaker; cold hard cash. Money is the reason they are removing net neutrality and money is the only language these people understand, so let's start speaking their language for a change. 

This effort is to return fire to those who are paying to have net neutrality removed, it is the only way we will be able to make a stand; by coming together and promising to deal a financial blow. Those who sign here promise to either reduce or eliminate financial backing for AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast if net neutrality removal is made a reality. This worked with EA's scandal, it can work on a bigger scale if we exercise our freedom to CHOOSE who we give our money to, as a collective. 

I know for many, this is a difficult thing to ask, many people rely on these services for work. However, if 100,000 people went to a smaller plan or took other measures to remove even $10 a month off their spending, that translates to millions lost for these companies. Representatives are bought and will not help us, it is time to take a stand and FIGHT!

Removing net neutrality is an blatant affront to our democracy as well as our freedom as Americans. These companies are already illegal monopolies that have evaded the law through sheer money and political operatives, WE MUST NOT allow them to tighten this noose around the greatest technological tool the world has ever seen. Push your friends and family to sign, we must organize now or suffer the consequences.

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