The People Of Jamaica Crime Plan

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1 Increase the Ministry of National Security budget- The ministry budget estimate is  63 billion dollars .Over 90% go towards reccurrence expenditure while the  small percentage goes towards capital expenditure . We need over 30 billion more to reduce crime dramatically. 

2 500 in 3  -Cut the murder rate under 500 in 3 years.

3  Dismantle all major gangs .

4  Dismantle all garrisons .

5   6 In 14 - 6 State of emergency in crime ridden parishes.Base upon 2017 Statistics the top 6 murderous parishes accounted for over 1350 murders . 

6  1 in 8 - Use a motorize police unit to do frequent curfews in 8  non- state of emergency parishes.

7  Retire  known corrupt cops .

8  Urgent JCF management and leadership reform . 

9  Merge the Police Services Commission and the Police Civilian Oversight Authority . 

10 Massive police recruiting- 4,500 new cops  in 3 years .

11 Massive Army recruit -1500 new soldiers in 3 years . 

12 1000 vehicles new vehicles for the force . 

13 Better  wage agreements with  for our security forces .

14 Infrastructure Developement - Refurbish and build new police stations.  

15  The uses of K9 and metal detectors to search of guns and drugs . 

16  A computerize force.

17  Incentives for all business to get CCTV .

18  The use of drones to assist  police  operation and investigation.

19  Get assistant from Israel to setup spy ballons  . 

20 Set up a bounty hunter association-To get all wanted persons alive or dead.

21  Give back the security forces the power (Repeal & Replace INDECOM ). 

22 Repeal and Replace the Zones Of Special Operations(ZOSO) . Just make it a social intervention program alone . 

23 Enhance commumity policing . 


1 Increase the Ministry of Justice by 200% - The current estimated budget for this ministry is 8.1 Billion  and majority of that goes towards recurrence not the capital .We need 16.2 billion   

2  Build more court rooms .

3 Quick trials . 

4   Pay our judges and prosecutors more. 

5  Tough sentencing guidlines . 

6  No bail for persons on gun crimes. 

7  More usage or the  plea bargaining and anti-gang  law.

8  Improve witness protection and incentives .

9  Build another prison .

10  Prison reform .

11 Enforce hanging .


****Estimated cost for this crime plan  $400 million USD. We found over $600 million USD  for NIDS ,so lets find this amount to once and for all  reduce and solve crime . 
We have Israel and China to assist us or a loan from IDB/Worldbank.

****Majority of the funds  borrowed should be use on the capital expenditure of the  Security and Justice budget . 

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