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The People Of Jamaica Crime Plan

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1 Setup a Crime and Murder reduction committee  and let the Prime Minister with the agreement of the opposition leader to appoint a Czar to this committee. 

2 Increase the Ministry of National Security budget- The ministry budget estimate is  66 billion dollars .Over 90% go towards reccurrence expenditure while the  small percentage goes towards capital expenditure.We need over 30 billion more to reduce crime dramatically. 

3 500 in 3  -Cut the murder rate under 500 in 3 years.

4 Dismantle all major gangs .

5  Dismantle all garrisons .

6  6 In 14 - 6 State of emergency in crime ridden parishes.Base upon 2017 Statistics the top 6 murderous parishes accounts for over 1350 murders.State of emergency for these parishes should last for three years. 

7  1 in 8 - Use a motorize police unit to do frequent curfews in 8  non- state of emergency parishes.

8  Retire corrupt cops .

9 Urgent JCF management and leadership reform.

10  Fast track the merging of the Police Services Commission and the Police Civilian Oversight Authority.

11 4,500 in 3- Massive police recruiting of 4,500 new cops  in 3 years .

12 1,500 in 3 years -Massive Army recruit -1500 new soldiers in 3 years . 

13 1000 vehicles new vehicles for the force. 

14 Better  wage agreements with  for our security forces .

15 Infrastructure Developement - Refurbish and build new police stations.  

16 The uses of K9 and metal detectors to search of guns and drugs . 

17 A computerize force.

18 Incentives for all business to get CCTV.

19  The use of drones to assist  police  operation and investigation.

20 Get assistant from Israel to setup spy ballons  . 

21 Set up a bounty hunter association-To get all wanted persons alive or dead.

22 Give back the security forces the power (Repeal and  Replace INDECOM ). Meaning let them have an Oversight body  or let MOCO take over the role of INDECOM. 

23 Repeal and Replace the Zones Of Special Operations(ZOSO) . Just make it a social intervention program alone . 

24 Enhance commumity policing.



1 Increase the Ministry of Justice by 200% - The current estimated budget for this ministry is 7.7 Billion  and majority of that goes towards recurrence not the capital .We need 15.4 billion. 

2  Build more court rooms .

3  Quick trials . 

4  Pay our judges and prosecutors more. 

5  Tough sentencing guidlines . 

6  No bail for persons on gun crimes. 

7  More usage or the  plea bargaining and anti-gang  law.

8  Improve witness protection and incentives .

9  Build another prison .

10 Prison reform .

11 Enforce hanging .

****Estimated cost for this crime plan nearly $400 million USD. We found over $600 million USD  for NIDS ,so lets find this amount to once and for all  reduce and solve crime . 

We have Israel and China to assist us or a loan from IDB/Worldbank.

****Majority of the funds  borrowed should be use on the capital expenditure of the  Security and Justice budget . 

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