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"If you are familiar with Katelaris’ historic work, you will know he has lamented about the lack of publicly available cancer data and trials relating to Cannabis. Of course he is going to continue to push the boundaries, so we as a community and we as a nation can continue to learn about the role Cannabis plays in curing cancer. Action is required, data is needed and we don’t have to wait for the institutions that have already demonstrated they will happily let Australians die and profit from the death before we take action a community. There is no one more trustworthy in Australia to lead than Katelaris.

Shouldn’t it be that as he has lead Australia in this field of Cannabis, that he be allowed to continue to lead? Shouldn’t he be given some kudos for the great work he has done? Or are we just going to remain a horde of greedy hungry back stabbers that disregard our own pioneers?"

For more information and updates regarding Andrew Katelaris' predicament i.e. held in custody on remand in maximum security at Cessnock Correctional Centre