Jeremy Corbyn is not an anti-Semite and remains Labour leader until members vote otherwise

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The past two months have seen mainstream media and establishment attacks on the elected leader of the Labour Party increase to levels of aggression and virulence unprecedented even by the expected standard of abuse towards left-wing leaders perceived as popular with the British electorate.

Jeremy Corbyn was elected decisively as the Leader of the Labour Party in September 2015, with 59.5% of eligible votes cast, dozens of percentage points ahead of his nearest rival. A second leadership vote in September 2016 still more emphatically confirmed him as the leader that members and supporters of the Labour Party wished to take the party forward over the next few years.

Despite a barrage of withering attacks from the mainstream media, the Conservative Party and even, sadly, from within the Labour Party itself, Jeremy Corbyn amply confirmed the rightness of the choice of members and supporters at the 2017 General Election by garnering 40% of the cast votes of the public at large. Had the Labour Party been solidly behind him from the moment of his election, he might well have been in 10 Downing Street today.

We urge the Parliamentary Labour Party to publicly confirm that Jeremy Corbyn retains the confidence of a substantial majority of Labour Party members and supporters, and that he is the right leader to challenge the Conservatives at the next General Election. We stress that the people who will choose whether the elected Labour Party leader stays or goes will not be media barons, nor persons opposed to a Labour victory at the next General Election, but the members and supporters of the Labour Party, whose judgement alone will affirm the leadership of the party.