Sign to stop the huge sums of allowances and salaries for MPs & other top gov't officials.

Sign to stop the huge sums of allowances and salaries for MPs & other top gov't officials.

4 February 2021
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Why this petition matters


What do we seek?

We are not seeking for a lot, all we want is just 3 main actions/decisions to be taken by the parliament of Uganda and start acting/be implemented immediately, and these are;

1.     Cut the huge sums of those allowances and salaries of members of Parliament and revoke their unlimited authority to increase their own remunerations whenever they want.

2.     Make sure that MPs and other high ranking government officials earn as much or as little as their counterparts in the same management levels in the private sector. (in other words; “Equal pay for Equal work”)

3.     Re-allocate that money to fighting poverty through curbing youth unemployment/job creation, supporting SMEs, improving the health-care and education system.

Why do we seek this?

We seek this for nothing else apart from our strong love for our country’s prosperity and for our deep hate for poverty.

We are concerned citizens with no personal interests but fighting for the best of our motherland. We don’t in anyway dislike any government official earning too much money but not in such a poor nation, we can promise, we shall remunerate them well, when we get there (in the first world). And we can only get there by taking such decisions now.

For these 3 main reasons, we are seeking for action;

1.     We believe we must create a thriving economy that works for all, not just the top 1% or even less. (extreme income inequality)

2.     We must give our pressing needs priority, excessively facilitated public officers is not even close to any of our least needs; jobs, quality health care, and an inclusive economy are. (first things first)

3.     We believe when you pay those who matter most, less or poorly, you are clearly telling them and everyone, that their work is not as valuable as that for those you pay well.

And this comes with a big cost; everyone shifts their focus to that, the payer considers more valuable. In this case, it has been politics. We need to change the rules of the game (unfair treatment)

  @...Can you imagine,  with the majority; millions of Ugandans dwell in poverty at the bottom; afew who are lucky to have work, do so for only food to survive and shelter to have a roof on their heads, with no hope for tommorow, in very harsh conditions, and the few "chosen" ones will just in one month( less than 30 working days) receive; 

On average more than shs. 300 million for a car, 4.5 million for subsistence allowance, I million for town running allowance, 1 million for gratuity, 500,000/ medical allowance, on top of close to 30M or more as salary every just less than 30 days, plus many other allowance like plenary sitting allowances, iPads of close to 5 M  each. Still don't forget, this is not for one MP or Two, not even a hundred but for 527 members. So you can do your own calculation..�����

Therefore,By signing this petition you will have done this;

. Saved billions of tax-payer’s money.

. Raised your honorable voice to be heard.

.  Created jobs for many youths.

.  Fought a victorious war against the tyranny of poverty.

.  Contributed to a noble cause of fighting income inequality.

.  Directly participated into good governance of our country.

.  Recognized as an antipoverty activist.

.  The world will remember you for having stood for justice


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Signatures: 130Next Goal: 200
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