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The parents of Carbonaro say NO!

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The parents of Robert W. Carbonaro have been made aware that yet another move is about to take place that sacrifices the learning conditions of our students, raising the question "Is this what our tax dollars pay for" and forces us to question "Who is working to represent us?" A few days ago, in order to accommodate failing test scores in the Buck school, the idea was tossed around that a class room full of students would be transferred to Carbonaro in order to level the playing field and allow for Buck to stand a greater chance at raising their testing average. I will give you a second to take that in. In order for us to make the room for these children we will need to cram what would have been three 5th grade classrooms of about 18-20 students in each class to TWO 5th grade CLASSROOMS with a RIDICULOUSLY UNJUSTIFIABLE number of 27 - 30 students in each classroom.

As parents we all know what this means four our children. It means that our children will need to deal with countless interruptions from their class mates, a teacher stretched way too thin, distractions and inevitable failure. We have been fed this concept that all children should be able to adapt to whats put in front of them. The purpose of this petition is to say enough is enough and we are no longer asking our children to make due. We want what we could have had before Dr. Fale and the administration decided that whats best is to put Bucks needs ahead of Carbonaro. We want our three 5th grade classrooms! We want to provide our children with a learning environment conducive to all learning types and not just those children that "can learn under any circumstance". We want our Board of Education to stand up and say, lets not prioritize Buck and lets have consideration for all of the District 24 schools. Please understand that no one wants Buck to fail, but the parents of Carbonaro do not want to continue to pay, sacrifice and put the education of our children second any longer.

 Lets set our feelings aside for a second and just consider what's being proposed. The adminisrtation is looking to move students who have already established relationships with piers, acclimated to their surroundings and who have been students at Buck for 4+ years to move to a completely new environment one week before school starts without even the courtesy of a summers notice to them or their families. When these families are made aware of their transition to Carbonaro it will be a week before school starts. They will have a week to discuss with their child that Buck is no longer their home school and that they are now being moved to Carbonaro to start over. As a parent, I would be mortified. I would feel helpless and I would not know what to tell my child. 

I am asking you to sign this petition for our children and our school. We will not sit idly by and allow changes to be made that do not pass the approval of the parents. We demand that the education and learning conditions of the Carboanaro student body be taken seriously. We want an equitable solution that helps Buck but does not take away from Carbonaro in any regard. 

Please sign below and have your spouse and family members sign as well, then please share this link on your Facebook wall and help us get the signatures that we need. Thank you

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