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Stop reckless paparazzi chasing, stalking, invading privacy of celebrities.

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I am calling for gossip magazines and websites to have an ethical purchase of photos agreement, an industry standard, where they only buy photos from photographers that adhere to a code of ethics - photographers that do not recklessly drive to get photos, harass, stalk, trespass, or invade a celebrities’ privacy. The paparazzi should have their own such code of conduct also. There are laws already for these things, so trying to bring in new laws is not the answer. Websites and magazines need to hold themselves accountable to a higher standard. They need to stop buying photos that were secretly taken at private parties. Yes, even if someone famous there was nude. These websites and magazines are immature, sensational, and full of trivial rumor. That is not something worth risking lives for. But if you think it is, then go on reading, knowing, that when someone is killed, and it maybe a child, that you have contributed in some small way to this by going to their website, or buying the magazine, and feeding this demand.     

And we, the readers, need to stop supporting this, by boycotting those gossip websites.

Stop supporting gossip websites that buy unethically obtained celebrity photos from the paparazzi.  It is these websites and magazines that lure paparazzi in to taking tremendous risks because of the potential money being offered to them. Stop the market for these photos, and stop our lives being put at risk. - Joe Faulkner -

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