Repeal the Overland Park Pitbull ban

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The Overland Park Pitbull ban has been in effect since 2006. This ban is outdated and unfair. The American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and any dog mixed with one of these breeds are banned from Overland Park, KS for being potentially dangerous and seen as a threat to our community. As an animal shelter volunteer I have had first hand experience with both of the breeds listed above and they give nothing but love, tail wags, and kisses. They are America’s most misunderstood breed because of the unfortunate reputation that was given them by people who knew nothing about them. In the 1800s Pitbulls were bred to be the “Nanny” dog because they took good care of children, always watching over them and protecting them. People unfortunately took advantage of their people-pleasing personality and turned them into something they are not, which is exactly why I think they deserve a second chance. Please join me in signing this petition so we can give the loving Pitbulls we know a life in Overland Park!