Decision Maker Response

NSW Police’s response

Feb 3, 2016 — To all petitioners,

As you are aware, permission to enter into Australia is a Federal matter. NSW Police has a role regarding law and order in this state and that includes both preventing and solving crime.

The issue at the moment is while there has been talk of an “event”, police are not aware of any planned or scheduled public assemblies or rallies associated with the Return of Kings cause. No forms for such events have been submitted by any party.

That’s why police have said they will monitor. At the moment, there is no “event”. There is just talk coming from an individual in the United States.

If a law is breached, then police will act.

Violence against women is a major issue for NSW Police. It is an appalling crime with police putting thousands of people before the courts each year. Dealing with this type of crime is one of the most difficult that front line and specialist officers face.

Anyone who viewed the “Hitting Home” program recently aired on ABC TV would have seen the dedicated work done by our officers in this area.

Please don’t mistake what police have to say on this matter for concurrence with the obnoxious views of someone in the US. As it stands, there are no events scheduled or any obvious support for any event, and thus, nothing to shut down.