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Revoke Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

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When he came into office he pledged to end the wars the United States is engaged in and to embark upon a large-scale disarmament, but in fact proved himself as one of the most militaristic-minded American presidents since the WW2, demonstrating a willingness to use force and seeking to be a judge and an executioner at the same time.

How many wars has Barack Obama ended?


How many wars has he started?

Started 5 (Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Syria), and kept the other 2 going (Iraq and Afghanistan).

Just taking into consideration only open official sources: last year (2015) the United States - led by 'Nobel peace prize winner Obama' - dropped an estimated total of 23.144 bombs in six countries.

And that is just official figures! Meanwhile, various war experts assess, that the Pentagon's special units may at the same time hold numerous special secret ops on the territories of 70-120 foreign states, which means Washington continuously wages about a hundred undeclared wars in various parts of the globe.

Fact: President Barack Obama is officially the US president who has been at war for the longest period of time – longer than Lyndon Johnson, longer than Abraham Lincoln and certainly longer than George W. Bush.

We, the undersigned, have signed this petition urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to revoke Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, won by him on the grounds of absurd lies. He, who for the last 8 years did practically all to put the humanity at the very threshold of the WW3, must return the prize. The Nobel Peace Prize in hands of a true warmonger is a shameful betrayal of those who strive for real peace and justice, stand against wars and violence, stand against discrimination and human rights abuse.

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