Petition Closed

Exploris is Northern Ireland's only Public Aquarium and seal sanctuary. It is a world class facility providing not only fascination and enjoyment to families but it also serves to assist in education and the study of the natural marine life of Strangford Lough. This is a national asset which deserves both protection and enhancement. With over 100,000 visitors annually Exploris is critical for tourism within the Ards peninsula and has provided refuge for hundreds of injured seals during it's 25 year history.

Letter to
Northern Ireland Assembly Peter Robinson
The Exploris Aquarium in Portaferry is an asset to Northern Ireland. It drives significant tourism throughout the Ards Peninsula, provides families with a safe environment in which to view and explore the rich sea life of Strangford Lough, provides sanctuary for injured seals and facilitates scientific research. The closure of Exploris would not only be a significant loss to the Ards Peninsula, it would be a significant loss to the country.

Please prevent the closure of Exploris and support this facility in whichever way is necessary to make it financially viable, protecting its future for us all.