Global Vote: Jacinda Ardern - Prime Minister of New Zealand - The Nobel Peace Prize

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Dear World,

On behalf of the Muslim community in New Zealand, we would like to invite you to VOTE for our Prime minister, Jacinda Arden for THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. 

Jacinda Ardern's leadership has guided us through this tragedy more than we could have expected. Although it's her duty as a New Zealander and as a leader, the world also has witnessed and have already learned from her leadership and the way she handled this tragedy in our community like no other.

She genuinely grieved with our community and gave us hope for PEACE in this hard time. She has already, since the attack, changed our gun laws and changed New Zealand forever as she promoted unity. 

"It's not just New Zealanders who have been praising Ardern's response to these terror attacks, but people and politicians the world over, both for her genuine empathy and strong leadership, and swift action on gun laws. She's also inspiring young New Zealanders - a light in New Zealand's darkest days".

Search her Name, Jacinda Arden and see what we are proud of. 

Thank you for your support. The Muslim community in New Zealand and I, wish you peace. May you not see the tragedy that we witnessed. May you only see the love, compassion, and support that we have felt and received. 

Shahed Abu Jwaied, 

CEO - Integrate Women International/Muslim Community leader.