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Treat Middle Passage History with Respect

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The New Orleans City Council approved a resolution to support a slavery museum that sounds more like a theme park.

Imagine a fully-functioning replica slave ship sailing with tourists up and down the Mississippi River from New Orleans to Natchez, Mississippi, or to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Visitors would board this ship at a $170 million complex called the National Slave Ship Museum. This complex would also include a "simulated ride" that's being billed as a ride that lets visitors "experience as a slave the journey at sea." 

The project has some features that are not as questionable, but "rides"?

Is it right to memorialize one of the greatest tragedies of Western civilization with something like an amusement park? Should the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and slavery in America be presented this way?

On May 14, 2015, the New Orleans City Council approved plans for this National Slave Ship Museum. The project has been flying nearly under the radar for years, but now that the council's given its preliminary approval, the time has come for its members and the project's key players to be completely transparent with the public and accountable for that approval.

As a nation, we cannot afford to treat the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade like an entertainment attraction. Please sign this petition demanding that the New Orleans City Council with Mayor Mitch Landrieu toss the current vision of this "museum."

Tell council members to send the project's organizers back to the drawing board and to get more input from the national community, African-American history scholars, and cognitive psychologists. 

I am neither a history scholar nor a psychologist. All I am is a black citizen who knows enough about how Louisiana has mishandled slavery within its tourism industry to be concerned that the history of slavery is being mishandled again. We do this at our own peril.

Treated carelessly, this slave-ship project will widen the racial divide between Americans by minimizing the suffering of millions of slaves who died crossing the Atlantic to both the Americas and Europe. It will also trivialize the suffering of their kinspeople sold at auction into generational bondage. But if this project were treated with the same solemnity and sacred care given to the United States Holocaust Museum, it would have the potential to foster healing and a greater understanding of how the legacy of slavery continues to harm this nation and why it should never happen again.

Can we at least do this one thing right? Please sign this petition and show your support for respect and integrity in the representation of slavery in the United States of America and the suffering of those enduring the Middle Passage before auction. 

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