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Chineze, we have a question: Why are you hypocrits?

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I found in the first place, and that is only my opinion, that the two giant panda's fly over from a country that have no animalcruelty laws to protect all animals who have fluffy fur skins. And that I'm supprised that this beautiful panda's with their fluffy hair, are not be tortured, and boiled alive, or skinned alive? And then be eaten.

Please take a look at this first chinese video and share....

Netherlands SHAME ON YOU! To work together with a country that take animalwelfare not serious when its become to torture animals. And do's nothing to stop dogs/cats, raccoon, foxes and other animals who's destinations are to died horrofic deads!


 Help End the Yulin Dog Cat Meat "festival" in going public.

Mr. Chen and President Xi Jinping.

YULIN started June 21, 2017.
During a ten day Torture and Dog/Cat Eating "Festival", around 20.000 dogs/cats will be TORTURED skinned alive or boiled alive before beéing killed.
The majority of the dogs/cats are stolen pets or stray dogs/cats!

They are crammed into small cages so they can't move when transported, (this take's days) without food, water or cover. Diseases like distemper, cholera and rabies are gonna be spread.
Rabies amongst Chinese people is becoming more common.
They are dropped in dirty slaughterhouses to become "food"

Because it's believed that tortured meat is more tender, and increases virility, the dogs are tortured before eaten. They are beat, hung, stabbed in the neck to bleed out and boiled and/or skinned ALIVE.
The torture is often done on the streets in front of children who gonna be traumatized or desensitized by the violence and horror they are witness of.

Animal Activists - Advocates ask the Dutch government to help End the Dog/Cat Meat Trade in China, and asking the Dutch government to support us in our requests to Mr. Chen and President Xi Jinping.

We respectfully urge the President of China and Yulin, Guangxi authorities to ban the killing/torture and consumption of dogs/cats during Yulin "Festival", to enforce China's food and safety laws regulating the processing and sale of animal products and the 2011 Agriculture Ministry of China Regulation on the Quarantine of Dogs at the place of Origin which requires one (1) certificate for each dog/cat on trans-provincial transport trucks. We also urge the People's Congress of China to legislate and enforce an Animal AntiCruelty Law which would ban the dog and cat meat trade in its entirety.

President of the People's Republic of China,
We are writing to ask the government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to ban the killing and consumption of dog/cat meat from Yulin Dog/Cat Meat Festival.
To end the dog/cat meat trade as a whole and to legislate and enforce animal AntiCruelty laws.

We are humans and respect both China's culture and people. While the Yulin Festival said its culture, this is not true.
It was started by dog/cat meat traders in 2009 to help increase dropping sales of dog/cat meat. Culture cannot be used as an excuse to continue the barbaric horror cruelty involved in a so "festival".
We find that there is no place for Yulin "Dog/Cat Meat "Festival" in a civilized world.



In the interest of health, disease prevention, we ask enforcement of the national government's policies, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region government they should remove the killing and consumption of dogs/cats from the Yulin Festival.

During the ten (10) day festival alone approximately 20.000 dogs/cats are tortured and killed by beat them, hang them pull with force their legs on their backs, amputation, boiled and skinned while stil alive to be eaten as "food".
The false beliefs that torturing give's virility and makes the meat more tender perpetuates this inhumane barbaric treatment of animals.
This is morally wrong.

A large amount of China's citizens are angered by the fact their pets are being stolen and killed. As a result they are taking the law into their own hands. The 2011 Agriculture Ministry of China Regulation on the Quarantine of Dogs requires one (1) certificate for each dog on trans- provincial transport. Government checkpoints to enforce this regulation could save tens of thousands of dogs lives, help the citizens recover their pets, and help cease the social unrest.

People in China and around the world oppose the dog meat trade. Recently approximately 8 million Chinese citizens voted to support legislation, since expired, by Zhen Xiaohe, deputy of the National People's Congress which proposed the Ban of the Dog/Cat Meat Trade.

On June 7, 2016 a petition with over 11 million signatures asking to end Yulin was presented and reject at the Chinese Consulate in London.
Many people feel hatred against your country, based on beliefs in animal rights and welfare.
Because the international community's are speaking horror about the Yulin Festival and throughout the year the outrage is growing fast, and the Chinese economy could be take a big fall that their products gonna be boycot and China become's the country NOT to visit.

We kindly ask you to show the world that China and his citizens and all other humans around the world, that China does not stand for cruelty and are against other religions and culture's, who care about animal welfare and care about the well beéing of people and animals.

In the interest of public safety, and respect to all living creature's, and for China's reputation, we ask you to stop the killing and consumption of dog/cat meat always....starting with YULIN Torture Dog/Cat Meat Festival, end China's Dog/Cat Meat forever, and create animal cruelty laws....including a ban on dog/cat meat trade.

Thank you....
With kind regards,
Wilma Lagrand
The Netherlands
Animal Advocate

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