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Let De’Anthony Melton Play Basketball ‼️

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Just before season begun De’Anthony Melton was informed that he would not be participating in the start of the season due to an FBI Investigation dealing with a family friend supposedly taking money on his behalf to in some way dictate his future in the NBA. Somehow, after receiving evidence such as; camera footage, bank statements, phone records & images to prove that De’Anthony is innocent he is still being sidelined. He has now sat out a total of 7 games including the game against SMU. This is unjust! Over a month ago De’Anthony was proven to be innocent by the FBI yet he is still being treated as if he is guilty. People who we thought would have his best interest at heart like his athletic director Lynn Swan has told him things like “well maybe he (family friend) went around the corner & took the money” , “maybe it's in his (the family friend) sock drawer”. I couldnt believe it. Then to come to find out the decision has not even been in the hands of the NCAA but is the decision os Lynn Swann & Mike Blanton, who is compliance at USC. Sitting on a decision solely based on trying to save only themselves & their jobs. But from what ? De’Anthony is a great person, student, and athlete. Everyone who knows him knows he that he has never done anything wrong to anyone or anything. He is the most humble guy I can say I know , with the utmost respect & manners. For him to be treated so unfairly for doing absolutely nothing wrong, hurts. He simply doesn’t deserve to be sitting out of any collegiate games. At this point, this isn’t just about basketball. This case has hindered his reputation, his rankings, and his future at winning the John Wooden award. In addition, this unnecessary prolonged case has caused De’Anthony lots of stress.As a college student athlete how much more stress do they expect him to handle? So I am asking everyone to sign this petition to potentially show the NCAA & USC that their “due diligence” needs to move a little quicker. Live up to the commitment that you guys made as a university & an institute to protect student athletes. At this point, USC nor NCAA have shown any loyalty to their student athlete who has been shown to be INNOCENT!

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