#eggboy for Australian of the Year

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Very rarely does Australia produce a real hero. A man who knows how to aim an egg squarely and directly at the head of a bigoted dickwad, and then silently take it on the chin when 30 bogans place him in a choke hold.

But there is now such a man. 


Will Connolly. Deadset legend. You've brought countless grieving nations and cultures together.  You've shown that a simple act of political irreverence is all that's needed to express one's opinion - not the hateful crimes and actions committed by a small group of shameful, sad little men. 

For your services, we salute you. And on behalf of all decent, non-motorbike-as-Facebook-profile-photo Australians, we call on the National Australia Day Council Board to name you as Australian of the Year for 2020.

(We know you've already been nominated like a million times already)

Image use: Instagram / @sebi.white