Request Taxify Nigeria to Stop Fraud by irrational hike of fares under the guise of Surge.

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It's not news that 50% of Nigerians ride on a daily basis with Taxify in States where Taxify Nigeria operates for several reasons. It's also not new to these Nigerians who commute with Taxify frequently, the newly introduced surge since last year 2018 and the 80%-100% increase (between ×1.8 - ×2) in the estimated fare prices under the guise of "Surge".

These Surge prices are being used almost frequently by Taxify Nigeria to operate and extort innocent, hardworking Nigerians. When a rider tries to order a ride, according to taxify Nigeria there is always if not everytime surge, even when there are drivers within the locale. Thus a trip of 2000- 2500 would cost between 4000-5000, and a trip of 4000-5000 would cost between 8000-10,000 despite being a short trip or an hours' trip without traffic.

I am a victim of this unreasonable surge price, wherein I took an hours' trip on a public holiday with no traffic and was debited the sum of 6800 Naira, not forgetting to mention the fare that came up on the driver's phone was 2800. Upon contacting Taxify Nigeria, I was told the fare had to be revised because of "Surge" and nothing could be done. In my bewilderment and anger, I spoke to some other people who also had such experience, I also read comments and complaints by aggrieved Nigerians on their Twitter and Instagram page. It was at this moment I decided it's time something is done about this nuance.

This trend must stop, Taxify Nigeria has to put an end to these unreasonable, irrational, unexplainable fare hike, which now amounts to indirect fraud, rip off, advantage and extortion. The Federal Ministry of Transportation, The National Assembly, The Consumer Protection Conucil of Nigeria should come to the aid of Nigerian commuters by putting a stop to these fares or revoking the license of Taxify to operate within Nigeria. We cannot continue to suffer in silence, there has to be a change. It's either we stand for something or fall for nothing.

If nothing is done, Nigerians would continue to be extorted by these foreign organizations granted license to operate within Nigeria. We all know this cannot happen in developed countries of the world where they came from, as there are checkmate to issues of such nature. If there were subways and active rail facilities, I am sure the majority of Nigerian populace would have shunned these rides. If we win this cause, the faith of Nigerian commuters would be restored in the system.

Please join me in signing this petition to put an end to Surge fare hike or revoking of Taxify Nigeria's license. Together we can, we all need one voice. God bless Nigeria, God make Nigeria great again, God bless the people of Nigeria.