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Morehouse college must dissociate itself from Prof. Larebo

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“...embrace and live this code and use it..." John Silvanus Wilson Jr. President of Morehouse College.

Universities and colleges are places where human beings are given fact based, honest teachings clean from prejudice, hate and disrespect to humanity. In this regard, academic staffs are expected to stand out tall as the most ethical and exemplary. They are ambassadors of their respective institutes. They have the potential to uphold the excellence or smear the image bad in their acts and behaviors.

Professor Haile Larebo of the prominent Morehouse College in Atlanta has done irreversible damage against one of Ethiopia's largest population; the Oromos. Statesmen, few professors and rogue governments over the years have intentionally diminished the history of the Oromos. Few of such intentionally distorted portrayal of the history of the Oromos range from describing a population of plus/minus 40 million as "sprouting from the depth of Indian Ocean as invaders and advancing north into Ethiopia". This amounts to an absolute hate and disregard to a human race.

On his recent interview with ESAT TV, Professor Haile Larebo, appears to be the continuation of similar effort of distorting history of massive scale. The act utterly carried out by Professor Haile Larebo not only spreads hate but also is sufficient to trigger conflict between peacefully coexisting nations and nationalities and the Oromos living in Ethiopia. Professor Larebo not only instigated carefully crafted hate and misrepresentation of the history of a large segment of Ethiopia's population from the comfort of his living in Atlanta, he completely disregarded Morehouse College’s code of conduct. The fact that his introduction during the interview as being from the most respected Morehouse College was yet a calculated but selfish move to weigh in his judgment of the Oromo population in a rather derogatory and dehumanizing way. 

we the initiators of this petition request that Professor Haile Larebo be displined for distorting history and using derogatory terms. Morehouse cultivates respected people such as MLK whose teachings are peace and unity among mankind, and we are shocked to learn Professor Larebo's association with the Morehouse Collegewith such destructive ideas to a targeted population. It is a grave mistake that the ESAT media aired his lecture in the first place even though the ESAT TV apparently distanced itself from Professor Larebo’s depiction of the Oromo population. ESAT TV has publicly denounced the Professor owing to the danger emanating from Professor Larebo’s erroneous and oblivious lectures on the same media. We believe Professor Larebo is not only academically incompetent, but also he has breached the College’s code of conduct. Morehouse College Ethics states

        "We are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards in     pursuit of our goal of developing leaders with a social conscious. Ethics is understanding the difference between right and wrong and choosing to do the right thing at all times, even when faced with a dilemma. Achieving this goal demands excellence and unquestionable integrity from every employee of Morehouse."

Furthermore, the Morehouse College code of conduct to which Professor Larebo is a signatory, it strongly but mandatorily asserts all academic or otherwise stakeholders to abide by this code of conduct."Morehouse has a policy of zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment based on race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, disability, marital status, veteran status or any other protected category under applicable law."

Professor Larebo's defiance to the Morehouse College President's call to "...embrace and live this code and use it..." is tantamount to qualifying him for dismissal. Professor Larebo neither embraced nor lived the code of the very College he tried to associate himself with.

We trust, Morehouse College will make appropriate and timely measure against Professor Larebo.

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We urge all Oromos and friends of Oromos to sign this petition and share along while calling The Morehouse College Ethics Hotline at: 1-888-299-9540

AK and B. Haile

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