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Resurface the Main Roads of the Mayaro/Rio Claro District

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The Mayaro/Rio Claro District has been neglected for many years. There has been minimal attention given to the all roads but special emphasis is placed on the Main Roads: the Naparima Mayaro Road, the Cunapo Southern Main Road, and the Tabaquite Main Road.

Even a major road such as the Naparima Mayaro Road from Mayaro to Princes Town has been left in a subpar condition for many years.
The road's poor condition is due to a combination of factors:

1. Infrequent to practically no full paving
2. Landslides
3. Heavy vehicles and equipment travelling to and from Guayaguayare
4. Lack of construction of retaining walls
5. Patching of road as opposed to proper fixing

Therefore, there are gigantic potholes and unevenness along the road's surface.
Some of the negative effects of the poor road condition include but are not limited to a greater cost for vehicular maintenance, a reduction of national productivity, a weakening of the tourism industry, brain drain of budding professionals, and spinal injuries.
The cost associated with vehicle maintenance has increased significantly due to the substandard roads and productivity has also decreased as more time is spent on manoeuvring around and between potholes and uneven road surfaces.
Another downfall with the road conditions is that it reduces the profitability of the tourism industry for Mayaro since the Manzanilla Mayaro Road is also substandard and local tourists opt to not venture down these 'bad roads' and waste time which can be spent on adventures. Rio Claro also has the largest Water Park in Trinidad and Tobago located on the Tabaquite Road (Harry's Water Park). However, the roads to arrive at this destination are in a deplorable condition.
Brain drain tends to occur since young professionals opt to rent outside of the area, closer to the cities, in order avoid traversing on these substandard roads daily. As a result, the area remains with less qualified and skilled individuals.
Another downfall of the road conditions is the spinal problems associated with it through daily traversing. Many residents complain about the lower back pains and other spinal related injuries which has also resulted in additional expenses having to visit chiropractors outside of the district.

These Main Roads are in need of major upgrades and should be a priority project for the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure for the approaching months and new year. The people of this district will be very grateful should this activity come to fruition.

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