Speak Out Against Cuts to Education

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This past week, on April 11, the Conservative government has confirmed the massive budget cuts to the public education system. These cuts will lead to increased class sizes which will directly affect the support that students with special needs receive. As a result of the cuts, there will also be a loss of jobs in the education sector. The government’s planned cuts will have a detrimental impact on the quality of our education system.

In the recent budget, the Conservative government demonstrated their prioritization of corporate wealth over the needs of our education system. The Conservative government committed to $1.4 billion in corporate tax cuts in 2019-20 as well as $3.8 billion in corporate tax cuts over six years. In contrast to this economic windfall for the corporate sector, the recent budget outlines a funding plan that will have an adverse impact on our public education system. They have also confirmed an increase in class size from grades 4-8 and high school and will introduce a new ‘back-to-basics’ math grade curriculum from grade 1-12 (over 4 years). Lastly, the Conservative government has made some large cuts to the Ministry of Children and Community and social services. This includes child welfare, special needs and, early intervention programs.

These budget cuts not only affect schools and educators but they also affect students and parents. If you would like to send a clear message to the government that funding our public education system is an important investment in our province’s future, sign this petition to let them know that budget cuts to our education system are unacceptable.