Poor educational system in Nigeria! The government needs to raise the budget for education

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For about a year now, I have invested my whole being into charity directed towards the educational sector of Nigeria. I have visited public schools all around Lagos and it is heartbreaking to see the state at which our country is investing in its future leaders. The environments are not conducive for learning! The teachers are not fully equipped to teach students that is why our youths are not able to support themselves on the long run. They go to public schools with low standards, they end up cheating to pass the standard certificate examination in Nigeria (WAEC), they cheat their way till they graduate university and come out with First class certificates and still CANNOT speak English! They DO not have basic skills to survive in a dynamic world and thus they venture into social vices and crimes.

The problem is their education foundation! "Education is not only a preparation for life, Education is life" If our future leaders are not educated how bright do we think their future will be? How are they able to survive with lack of proper training for life? Most importantly what is the government doing about it? What are we the people doing about it? This is not the time to lower the budget for education! My research shows the budget for education is presently 7.02% of the budget for Nigeria which is way below the standard UNESCO budget for education which is 15-20% of the budget of a country. We need to invest greatly into these children to get great future leaders. The government claims to invest trillions of naira into the educational system and what is the proof of this? There is no visible change in the educational system in our country. Can we the people really stand for this? 

Signing this petition will not only help create awareness to the government to increase the budget for education in Nigeria which will promote standard education for students. It will on a long term run develop students into into becoming future leaders which fosters development in a nation. It will, day after day eliminate poverty and social vices in our nation. It will develop youths who are able to survive and thrive in a dynamic world. We talk about change, signing this petition to let the government know we want change is change. The change begins with the children! Thank you