Please help save a beautiful Waiheke Island bay from a massive private marina!

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The Environment Court has granted consent for Kennedy Point Boatharbour Limited to build a 186 berth marina in a sweet little Waiheke Island bay.

The development would take up 7.3 hectares of public space in Putiki Bay and includes a floating car park for 72 cars.

Local people feel this is an assault from an Auckland-based company on the natural beauty of our island and the quiet pace of life here.  

The community is particularly concerned about the plans for a car park floating on concrete pontoons in the bay. We do not accept there is a functional need for the car park to be sited within the coastal marine area. The environmental risk posed by a car park on the sea is serious, given the increasing severity of extreme weather events. The consent for the floating car park sets an alarming precedent for use of the marine area around New Zealand.

Waiheke residents earn less than the average income for New Zealanders. Marina berths will cost more than $125,000. This means the marina would be developed by an off-island company for the benefit of wealthy people who do not live on the island.

Piritahi Marae on Waiheke opposes the marina because of culturally significant sites in Putiki Bay.

The environmental impacts of the planned marina on the bay are a major concern. Kennedy Point is a popular fishing spot, contains active Little Blue Penguin nests, and is frequently visited by pods of dolphins and orcas.

The Hauraki Gulf Forum State of the Gulf 2017 report states that the marine environment is seriously depleted and contaminated by developments, such as marinas. The forum urges the government to take urgent action to restore marine life and the marine environment in the Hauraki Gulf.

Please help us call on the government to revoke the consent for the marina at Kennedy Point by signing the petition.

We the undersigned are opposed to the development by Kennedy Point Boatharbour Limited of a 186 berth marina, floating car park and two buildings on floating pontoons on Waiheke Island. We call for the protection of the Marine Park by preventing the construction of marinas on any Hauraki Gulf island.

1. The marina poses a serious threat to the fragile marine ecosystems in the Hauraki Gulf and the five Significant Ecological Areas in Putiki Bay.

2. A floating car park on concrete pontoons poses a serious risk given the increasing severity of weather events on the island. The construction of a floating car park, marina office and other buildings on floating pontoons sets a dangerous precedent for similar developments on the sea around New Zealand.

3. The Hauraki Gulf Forum State of the Gulf 2017 report states that the marine environment is seriously depleted and polluted by developments, such as marinas. The report refers to marinas as “contaminant hot spots” and warns against further encroachment into the marine area by man-made structures.

4. The marina will degrade the natural character and landscape of Kennedy Point and Putiki Bay.

5. Putiki Bay is culturally significant to Maori. For example it was a landing site of the Arawa canoe, one of the original seven waka.

6. The development is inappropriate for an island known for its rural nature and the beauty of its natural landscape.

7. The marina will threaten the habitat of at-risk korora, or little penguins, which have recorded breeding areas at Kennedy Point.