Victorian State Government, please reconsider the effect of pausing the state solar rebate

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The recent "pause" of the State Government rebate (as administrated by Solar Victoria) has left many Victorian solar installers with a large gap in work due to the announcement of there being no more rebate allocations available until July 1st.
Because consumers know that the rebate will return on July 1st, they will be holding off on making a purchase; there is no likelihood that sales levels will return to pre-rebate levels in the interim.
Many small business now have the prospect of little to no income until next financial year, many of whom put on extra employees to cover the rapid increase in demand that the rebate has generated. For these small businesses to survive 15 weeks without sales is unlikely.

Our proposal for resolution is:

- People who have paid a deposit before a set date (i.e. close of business April 18th), be allowed to claim the rebate per FY18/19 arrangements.

- New customers be permitted to buy and have solar installed on the understanding they can retrospectively apply for the rebate after July 1st. 

This or something similar would mitigate the situation.