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Save Neverland for Michael Jackson's Legacy, it must be preserved as a historical landmark

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Michael Jackson was the Greatest Entertainer the world has known, it has been nearly eight years since his passing and we still do not have a memorial for our hero. Michael broke barriers in every aspect, he made MTV, he created the music video, he paved the way for black artists of today and the album Thriller, released in 1982 (over 30 years ago) is still the best selling album in the world of ALL TIME.

Michael was the consummate performer, he started at 5 years old and made it a habit to study the great entertainers. He made a promise to himself to learn everything they knew and more, and do it better. He did.

Michael's mother says that he was extremely caring and compassionate from a very early age. Michael loved children and babies when he was a child himself. His concern for the world and it's children started early on...and he was dedicated to helping. Michael, used his genius to create Neverland Valley Ranch not only to recreate a childhood he lost due to the start of honing a career at the 5 years old, but also for others to enjoy the escape.

"If Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley Family Residence is lost forever, it will be a tragedy felt for all eternity! Never in the HIS tory of our world has someone's home (especially a celebrities) been so totally dedicated to something this beautiful, created primarily for the beneficial healing found inside Neverland for underprivileged, handicapped and terminally-ill children."

As we know, Michael toured the world three times over and instead of partying or enjoying the lavish celebrity lifestyle, he visited orphanages and children's hospitals in every corner of the world to donate and show love and compassion. The children adored him, how could you not?

Michael began donating his proceeds from the Victory Tour to charities, he also chose not to sue Pepsi when their set lead to 3rd degree burns to his scalp, but he did ask them to open a hospital for burn victims. He donated more than $350 MILLION to charities in his lifetime.

I cannot possibly describe the depth of this man's heart here but it's all written in his own words and expressed in his music. He truly was an instrument of nature. He was deeply concerned about the health of our planet, racial injustice, socioeconomic issues and of course the welfare of the children of the world. Just listen to Earth Song, Heal the World, Black or White, They Don't Care About Us and Little Susie for example. But don't just listen, watch him perform these songs...he tells a story with every fiber of his being and we are all still listening.

We must #saveneverland, we must take it back for his family, for the Michael Jackson Fan community, for the legacy, for the man himself, for the children of the world. We can restore it, we can rid Neverland of the negative energy it harbored post trial. We will restore and return it to it's former glory as a THANK YOU to the man who touched the hearts of millions. We can do so much with the property to pay tribute and respect to the man that deserves it more than anyone else.

Michael said that he would NEVER sell Neverland, that Neverland was HIM. It still is, which is why we cannot let this sale happen. Do it for Michael.

If you love Michael, if you are a Moonwalker, if he has touched your heart in any way...please sign the petition and join us in this fight to save Neverland and preserve Michael's legacy!


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