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Petition Choueifet Municipality to Start an Animal Shelter

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Animal shelters are important to communities because they rescue stray animals before they hurt themselves, hurt others, or never find their homes. Animal shelters also provide education, information and assistance for the people in the communities. Furthermore with the massacres happening to animals around Lebanon it is time to rise above it all and show our humanity, our intellect, and our ability to coexist with animals. Animals that have the same right to life as we do after all god created us all to share this land, and so we should.

The municipality of Choueifat can choose a piece of land, it can work with neighbouring municipalities or on its own. Prepare the land by putting up fences and a small house for the caretaker. Food for the animals can be provided from the left overs of restaurants spread all through Choueifat, and they are many. Beta or Animals Lebanon can be called for advice, Volunteer work can be called for by the residence of the area and we have a lot of animal lovers. workshops can be held at the shelter to educate people about the importance of pets, how to take of them, how to house train them, and much more.

Its not how we treat each other that reflects our nature, humans can protect themselves they can speak up, But how we treat animals reflects who we are because they love unconditionally, and cannot defend themselves, and can not speak.

winning this petition means giving a lot of animals a safer life and giving the community a chance to see what they are missing out on because stray animals are among the smartest and friendliest creatures, loosing it will cause many more massacres to happen, we have to start somewhere, so why not make the difference.

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