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Enforce the Guidelines and Regulations

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Established by Oliver Cromwell in 1654, London's iconic black cabs are the oldest and the most regulated public transport system in the world. Consistently voted the world's best taxi service, the Licensed London Taxi trade is now being threatened with extinction, due to TFL's lack of enforcement of their regulations - regulations that they, themselves, established in order to keep London and its visitors safe!

Over the past 18 months, the face of London has significantly changed - approximately 20,000 private hire vehicles have hit the streets. This number is increasing at a rate of 1,500 new private hire vehicles per month. This is, quite simply, unsustainable.  Levels of work are dwindling whilst traffic is increasing. In contrast, the number of applications to become a Licensed London Black Taxi driver has seen a decrease by around a third.

The unprecedented rise in numbers has caused increased congestion, pollution, and is creating a problem with illegal parking. The rate of accidents has significantly increased, due to drivers not being familiar with, or having any knowledge of the streets of London, and Licensed London Taxi Drivers have seen a greater increase in drivers that are not licensed by TFL, but are still working in Central London.  In addition, recent press attention has highlighted that some of the insurance policies held by these recently licensed private hire drivers, are questionable! These vehicles are not obligated to comply with the strict regulations that are laid down to protect customers; the very same regulations that Licensed London Taxi Drivers are forced to strictly adhere to!

#SaveTaxi has been established by the families and supporters of London Black Taxi Drivers, who are increasingly distressed at having to watch the detrimental impact that this is having on their partners, their livelihoods and on family life. #SaveTaxi want TFL to implement and enforce the strict regulations that they have established, to ensure that the public can benefit from a comprehensively safe and fair choice.

Please help us to ensure that London's world famous and award winning Black Taxis continue to be a highly-acclaimed symbol of London, by signing this petition.



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