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Explore feasibility of installing whistle-free train crossings in Dundas

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The City of Dundas may have an opportunity to ensure safety for motorists at highway-rail grade crossings while allowing Dundas the opportunity to preserve or enhance quality of life for our residents by establishing areas/times in which train horns are silenced.

A new quiet zone must be at least ½ mile in length and have at least one public highway-rail grade crossing. Every public grade crossing in a new quiet zone must be equipped at minimum with the standard or conventional flashing light and gate automatic warning system. A quiet zone may be established to cover a full 24-hour period or only during the overnight period from 10:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, there exists an important for step that a city must take when exploring the feasibility of whistle-free crossings. Local governments must work in cooperation with the railroad that owns the track, and the appropriate state transportation authority, to form a diagnostic team to assess the risk of collision at each grade crossing where they wish to silence the horn. An objective determination is made about where and what type of additional safety engineering improvements are necessary to effectively reduce the risk associated with silencing the horns based on localized conditions such as highway traffic volumes, train traffic volumes, the accident history and physical characteristics of the crossing, including existing safety measures.

By signing this petition, we are not asking the City of Dundas to immediately take whatever steps necessary to establish a quiet zone in town. Instead, we want the City to explore the feasibility of doing so. That is, the City should examine the process, costs, and logistics for getting this important project completed. Once this critical stage is completed, we can then collectively examine whether of not it makes sense for Dundas to go whistle-free.

This issue is important because whistle-free crossings will improve both the quality of life and property value for the citizens of Dundas. Whistle-free enhancements to the crossings in Dundas will help keep our residents safe with the added benefit of bringing peace and quiet to the community. If it's possible for Dundas to enhance the community with whistle-free crossings, then the City should explore its ability to do so.

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