Save Fainu forest from destruction

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The island of Fainu in the Maldives has been home to a beautiful and ancient forest for decades if not centuries. Recently, the Government of the Maldives have decided to destroy 40% of the forest to build a domestic airport for the atoll. The problem is that the atoll already has an airport further north in Ifuru (and closer to the densely populated areas of the atoll).

This project is funded by resort owners and moguls as Fainu is closer to the tourist resorts of the region than is Ifuru. This project is not undertaken with the best interests of the people of Raa atoll in mind!

A recent EIA report shows that constructing this airport will mean that

  • 5,792 ancient trees will have to be removed.
  • Eight 20m tall banyan trees will be destroyed.
  • The deforestation will  negatively impact the temperature and water table of the island. Maldivian islands depend on rain for drinking water—this impact will have further consequences.

For more information on this report, read:

Let your voice be heard! Show your concern!

Let the Government of the Maldives and the multimillion dollar resort corporations know that the people reject the destruction of such beauty for such measly gain!