Add Self Defense to Our Curriculum: Madeira School Girl Up

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At the Madeira school we are girls who will change the world. In order to become world changers we must feel secure both internally and externally. Our campus provides a safe space but most students do however lack the tools needed for self protection. In order to truly build a safer space there is a need for all Madeira students to have a basic knowledge in self-defense. We are Girl Up an organization that works to empower women around the world. We are taking on this project in honor of International Women’s Day. In our world sexual assault and harassment is on the rise. We want to give girls in our community an opportunity to learn how to defend themselves so they can feel empowered to go out into the workforce and the world at large. Logistically, this would include one day of the freshmen student life curriculum through the 2 mods of the course and 3 options for seniors to chose from throughout their year. This would pose a minimum of two self-defense classes be taken by girls throughout their Madeira career. If one mandatory lesson is incorporated into the freshman student life course another can be expected of seniors as they prepare to graduate. We believe the incorporation of this class into our curriculum will equip girls with the precautionary tools needed to defend themselves should situations arise.

- Tarina Ahuja '20, Lisa Oguike '18, Sam Dahlia '18, Eliza Cart '20

Girl Up Leadership 2017-2018