Ban "No Such Luck" (A "The Loud House episode")

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In March 13th, 2017, an episode of the popular kids cartoon The Loud House, No Such Luck, was released, in the episode, Lincoln Loud (the iconic white haired boy everyone loves) finds himself with unexpected free time after his family worries that he is bad luck, but it soon goes too far, and he gets banned from all family activities, leading to him being tortured for 11 minutes, despite the fact his family pardons him at the ending, it isn't as good as you think, because Lincoln is forced to wear the suit of a mascot belonging to a baseball team.

The episode is hated by fans of the show because of the fact Lincoln is tortured through the episode in cruel manners, some people say this episode promotes child neglect, which is illegal in real life, it is the fault of the creator of the show, Mr.Chris Savino, where he said that his master creation, deserved to be tortured the way he was, to prevent more encourage of child neglection, we think this episode deserves to be banned.

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