For an eco-ferry boat crossing for pedestrians/cyclists between Rotherhithe & Canary Wharf

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Support the implementation of an economical, eco-friendly, and flexible crossing between Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf, for cyclists & pedestrians: a solar-powered/electric ferry boat crossing.

The case for the Rotherhithe Eco Ferry (REF):

As you may be aware, the London authorities are currently proposing to build a pedestrian/cycle crossing linking Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf. We would like, with your support in signing up this online petition, to get the authorities, to adopt an eco-friendly ferry boat solution.

An electric ferry boat, propelled for instance by solar panels, has several massive advantages over other solutions, currently being considered by Transport for London (TFL).


·       Lower drastically the cost of any type of alternative crossings (bridge and tunnel) by dozens of millions of pounds which could be better served, improving the current transport infrastructures around the already ultra-congested isle of dogs, or subsidizing the cost of a tailor-made ferry crossing, making it a free or at least inexpensive (part of an oyster card travel) and enjoyable navigational experience.

It is estimated that a bridge would cost in excess of £200M, when the REF would reduce this cost down to a very small fraction of it.


·       Protect the wonderful natural unabridged view of the river at this particular location, which has become over the years, a famous touristic hotspot, featured in many tv/movie films, documentaries and countless other media outlets,


·       Shield the river from the environmental damage that a 24/7 unpoliced bridge would cause to the river (unavoidable construction pollution, pedestrians littering the river and endangering the wildlife, not to mention the traditional security risks to people, inherent to any bridge);


·       Provide a more flexible solution, as a ferry could serve different paths and adapt to the actual need of the residents and visitors alike, when it comes to its docking locations. Ferry boats can travel multiple destinations whilst bridges are obviously static. We can therefore imagine a fast frequent and cheap/free crossing that would provide some rest to cyclists and pedestrians on their journey, especially if the landings of a bridge are expected to prolong the journey time by a considerable amount given that a bridge deck is expected to be at least 20m high as it has been suggested by the Port of London Authorities (PLA);


·       Solve the many problems that a bridge would cause to the PLA and the boating community at large, at the bend of the river, that would otherwise limit the flowing passage of a significant number of ships, whose height exceed the decks;


·       Finally, test at the lowest possible cost the real need for a crossing at this particular part of the river, by extending/improving on a service currently provided by the Hilton (but at a very high cost, hence limiting its appeal), and make sure that the authorities are not making an unrepairable financial and environmental mistake, when they assume, without any study, let alone a serious one, that a crossing is needed at this particular spot and that it has to be a bridge;


If you wish to see the London authorities and Mayor Sadiq Khan weigh in in favour of a truly green, flexible and cost saving solution for our city, please support this petition asking for the REF (Rotherhithe Eco-Ferry) option to be trialled.

The Canary Wharf River Protection Group.

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