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save logan paul

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This is a petition about saving Logan Paul's channel. Logan Paul went to japan's suicide forest with the intent to make a camping video. So obviously, Logan went off trail. While walking he found someone that commited suicide. He went up to the body with the camera rolling to check if the person was showing signs of life but he wasn't. Logan called the police and explained the situation. Editing the video, Logan blurred the man's face to protect his identity, but he didn't blur everything else. That's the only mistake Logan made. He should have blurred the whole body. Logan demonitised the video because he knew that monetising it is disrespectful. Logan deleted the video and made a sincere apology video, in which you can see he's tearing up. He knows what he did was wrong and he's genuinely sorry for doing it. People think that Logan was joking about suicide and that's the point where i ask myself this question: did these people even watch the full video? Logan pointed out in that same video that suicide is not a joke and that its a serious issue. He put disclamers and suicide lifelines on the screen and told the people who are suicidal and dealing with depression to call them and talk to somebody. I think that the people that are giving Logan hate just dont know how to look from a realistic perspective. Logan does not deserve to get his channel removed. He makes videos for children on a daily basis. He makes them smile every day and if his channel gets removed, a huge portion of 15 million people's lives will be gone. People don't realise that bullying is usually the main cause of suicide and these people are doing just that to Logan. Let's save an inspiration, an idol.

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