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Friendlier, More Social Vancouver: Bylaw Reform

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Despite being one of the most livable and beautiful cities in the world Vancouver is currently known as the "no fun city" due to its poor social scene. This is largely due to the cities strict alcohol bylaws. Reforming the current bylaw is not simply about drinking alcohol! People are capable of drinking regardless with if clubs are open or not. The reform will allow people freedom to go out when the time fits their life/schedule. This reform is about changing the social scene in Vancouver and helping Vancouver is many more ways!

The current bylaw requires alcohol to stop being served at 1:00am closing time from Sunday to Thursday and 2:00am closing time Friday and Saturday.

This bylaw is not doing enough for the city for what it is taking away.

These bylaws are restricting freedom and taking away potential hours that bars and clubs could be making money.

Voting for this petition is for extending the time resections for Liquor-serving establishments to 6:00am. Bars and clubs should have the option to operate later then they currently can.

Benefits of a 6:00am bylaw:

  • Bars/clubs/restaurants/shops can make more money.
  • People will have the freedom of going out as late as they wish and be in a safe environment
  • Statistically it has been shown that when people are around people there are lower crime rates. If Vancouver was lively all night his could potentially help.
  • Music and culture can be freely spread
  • Other countries all over Europe, parts of the USA, and more already have these bylaws taking place. They work fine.
  • People spending time out and socializing is healthy! This will help facilitate that.
  • If bars run until 6:00 people can catch the first sky-train in the morning home. Lowering the amount of drunk driving.
  • Would cut down on loud after parties in residential areas and house parties.
  • People can drink regardless if clubs are open or not. The reform will not create more drinkers but it will allow allows people freedom to go out when the time fits their life/schedule.
  • Increase tourism and tourist spending.

This bylaw reform is not just to allow people to drink later. This bylaw will change Vancouver's culture toward socializing. It will make a friendlier more open city. Help sign this petition make Vancouver a better place!

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