Tell Pedophiles They ARE NOT WELCOME in the LGBT Movement

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Dear Fellow Americans, 

The LGBTQ Community has recently been under attack from Pedophiles attempting to legalize and normalize their predatory criminal behavior.  They are aggressively attaching them to the Rainbow Flag and the LGBT Movement under the pretense that "Love is Love" and "Love is Ageless".

Whether you are in the LGBTQ community or not, we must all stand up to these vile predators and let them know that they have NO PLACE in our community. We will not stand idly by as they attempt to force their presence upon us.  We will not be forced, guilted, shamed or convinced that this is an acceptable sexual orientation and we will not allow this to be normalized which puts all our children at risk.

Thank you for your support, 

Lynzee Domanico

Mother, Wife, Member of the LGBTQ Community