The kennel club to take action against exhibitors that leave dogs in cars

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At recent dog shows in the UK there have been numerous incidents of dogs being left in cars by exhibitors. It is totally unacceptable for anyone to leave dogs in cars (or any confined space) for any length of time especially with the UK experiencing prolonged extreme temperatures. The message that dogs die in hot cars is falling on deaf ears and dogs are regularly being placed at risk so the only way to get the message home is for the Kennel Club to take swift, definitive and PUBLIC action against anyone who is reported for leaving a dog in the car. 

We ask that the Kennel Club add to their code of conduct that 'no dog to be left unattended in an enclosed area (eg a car or a tent) in any weather likely to cause distress, anyone found to be in breach of this will be prohibited from competion without any financial recompense'. Anyone exhibiting at any event leaving an animal unattended in a car should be immediately removed from all competition at that event while the incident is investigated. Regardless of whether it is a KC Licensed event or not the details of the registered address for the vehicle should be reported to both the KC and the RSPCA for investigation. If proven that their actions endangered the dog and they exhibit/compete at KC events then they should be banned from competition for a period of time which reflect the severity of the incident, eg if the dog dies as a direct result of the incident they should be banned for life from competition with no exceptions. 

Each event where dogs are likely to be exhibited, eg conformation shows, flyball, field trials etc, should be required to read out over the tannoy not only the car registration but the exhibitor number which should be printed on a car park pass and displayed on the dashboard. This will make sure the exhibitor is contacted as soon as possible limiting the distress for the dog.

Lets stop dogs dying a slow horrible painful death from heat exhaustion, punish those who think its ok or an inconvenience to make arrangements to leave some dogs at home and make dog events a safer place for all dogs to enjoy.

For all those who say its ok to leave them in cars when the weather isn't hot please read this and watch the video, a dog can suffocate in any temperature if left long enough.

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