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The KC to improve its complaints procedure.

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In regards to the latest decision by the Kennel Club over the limping bitch scenario at Crufts 2013 and how it was dealt with.

Sadly I don't think that we can do anything that will have any effect what so ever on this case. The Kennel club will definitely not back track on their decision nor will there be any admittance from the judges or the vet (why would there be with ‘lack of’ any evidence given as the KC’s final decision).


It’s a shame that the witness statements were not held in higher regard, not only were they from the public but also from CC Status judges and backed by various SBT Breeds Clubs, the back bone of the democratic system we have in place.


We should not give up and just let this go, we need to ask for a number of improvements from the Kennel Club to start with so we are not put in this position again and running around like headless chickens. I’ve personally still not received a reply, when I asked for advice on the Kennel Clubs complaints procedure and what steps I should to take.


This affects all breeds not only Staffordshire Bull Terriers, it could happen to any breed that is shown in the UK if/when a complaint is submitted.


These are the changes we need to push for;


1. The Kennel Clubs complaints procedures on all levels need to be clarified and publicised, so people can know and understand what the correct procedure is to follow and who to contact.


2. There needs to be a totally independent body that deals with judge issues, not the same people who approve them to judge, that is a clear conflict of interest and unfair.


3. Committee members should only be allowed on one committee within the governing body of the Kennel Club; especially where a conflict of interest can occur.


Reasons being is that some of the Judges Sub-Committee are also on the General Committee. How can that be right when the same case can/will be dealt with by both Committees as in the case of the limping bitch at Crufts?


The Judges Sub-Committee is therefore obviously not independent, as they can argue their own case within the General Committee forum. How can a fair case be put forward if the system itself is flawed? This needs to change, things need to be seen to be fair for everyone and above board.


Its only right that People should have access to the information they need to put forward a complaint and that the Kennel Clubs appointed committees act correct and proper when dealing with such.

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