A Total Recall of the Japanese Whaling Fleet

A Total Recall of the Japanese Whaling Fleet

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Dear people of Japan

During the 1980s when I was a young man, I was an active member of the International Whaling Commission, IWC, who agitated on behalf of the whales, against the whaling nations Japan, Russia, and Norway.

I actively boycotted all things Japanese in support of a moratorium on commercial whaling.

My car was a Ford, my stereo was a Schneider, my watch was a Timex and my football boots and trainers were Adidas, I did write to you at the time to tell you that I was so engaged.

I eschewed the use of any services provided by Japan, and I actively discouraged my family my friends and the public in general, to do likewise.

As your country was not alone in the vicious practice, I boycotted the Norwegians and the Russians also.

Over thirty years ago, commercial whaling was ended in agreement with the IWC, and I like to think that my humble efforts, contributed to the pressure applied to the whaling nations, that brought them to the negotiating table to broker a deal.   

 Since then, I have enjoyed music from a Sony, transportation by Toyota, timekeeping by Seiko, and sporting struggles in Nikes, while living to witness a modest increase in the population of the magnificent great whales.

That increase in whale numbers has not been mirrored by a decrease in the numbers of Japanese people, so I see no correlation between whaling and the well-being of your nation.

Those whaling boats not engaged in the scientific gathering of whale carcasses have been tied up and one would assume that the crews have died off, become old like me, or moved on to other endeavors.

I was dismayed, saddened and sickened to read this morning, that those whaling fleets will now set sail again to massacre our brothers the whales.

Apparently, they were blessed leaving the port of Kushiro, Hokkaido Prefecture and wished a safe journey and bountiful harvest.

The animals that they will murder to achieve this ‘bountiful harvest’ have brains relative to their size, bigger than a human brain.

We have no idea about what they think but think they most certainly do.

What must they make of the barbarians who attack and kill them for no reason?

I must ask you from my heart; why is this necessary?

The crews of those boats will be new to whaling one assumes, recruited from other industries where they earned a living. There seems to be no need at all for your countrymen to carry out this cruel and barbaric practice.

This may seem a weak gesture on my part, but until your commercial whaling fleet returns to port for good, you may consider that I am in a boycott of all things Japanese, and I will again actively encourage everyone that I can, to follow suit.

Your return to commercial whaling is regressive, completely unnecessary and inhumane.

It is an endeavor that shames your country and people.

Yours sincerely

James Nelson

17 Windmill Rd


Dublin 12.

Phone: 087 2212971


Cc: Letters to the Editor; Irish times Dublin.

CC:David Attenborough


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!