The Invisible Truth: The Missing and Murdered Native Women of North America

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There is an epidemic that is ravaging its way through North America. Mothers, Wives, Sisters, and Daughters, have either disappeared into thin air without a shred of evidence or have been found murdered, and they all have something in common... they are all Native Americans. The Canadian, United States, and Mexican governments seem to have exerted little to no effort into stopping these disappearances and murders from happening. We need your help to bring this prevalent issue to the forefront of today’s conversation.

Just as an example, in the past 50 years over 50 women, mostly all of Native American descent have been either found murdered or disappeared alongside a stretch of road in Northern British Columbia, Canada, known as the Highway of Tears. The police have admitted that they will never find the killers or make arrests. This level of injustice can’t be left unattended. We need to come together to bring attention to this issue nationwide, and perhaps if we do, we can pressure the Canadian government to further crack down on these disappearances and murders with the hopes of bringing justice and closure to the loved ones of those affected.