Idaho - Say "NO" to drugs - say "YES" to Hemp!

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Let Idaho farmers cultivate hemp, and Idaho businesses and entrepreneurs process it into beneficial products! The 2018 US Farm Bill has removed hemp from Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act and eliminated other barriers at the federal level to hemp research and development. Hemp was cultivated by the Founders of our Nation, and is used in products such as building materials, cordage, fiber, food, floor coverings, fuel, paint, animal feed, paper, particle board, plastics, seed meal, cosmetics, seed, and yarn. It is virtually impossible to get "high" by smoking or eating hemp. Hemp has the potential to be an alternate crop in Idaho’s thriving agricultural economy. A growing hemp industry also has the potential to create jobs in production, processing and research, and Idahoans will benefit from numerous consumer products made from hemp.Cannabis sativa plant used for the production of hemp is separate and distinct from the forms of Cannabis used to produce marijuana.