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Laws for Paws in America!

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Our closest allies, Europe, made animal research in the cosmetic industry illegal in 2009. The only reason some companies still use animal research in America is because companies like Mary Kay are still playing around with chemicals for new retail products, which must be tested on animals first to determine their safety for human use. This is unnecessary and subjects our animals here on earth for what? Our own aesthetic appeal? The knowledge and technology are available to create natural and organic types of cosmetic products and some companies are already at the forefront. Therefore with this petition, I am going to propose to our Congress that they pass a bill to ban the use of animals in testing for cosmetic products. Natural, organic skin products are healthier for skin in the long run. So, I hope to put a stop to the cosmetic industry’s unnecessary usage of animal testing. You could help make a difference by signing this petition to help these animals in need. Thank you!

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