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REMOVE - Afua Hirsch. Instigator of racial hate within the media.

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Afua Hirsch: Writer, broadcaster, @ThePledge, former @SkyNews, @Guardian, barrister. Author, Brit(ish) citizen.

Afua Hirsch of the Guardian has this week "Jumped on the bandwagon" of the events occurring in the United States of America where groups are protesting and actively topping historical American statues and monuments because they no longer suit the politically correct mindset of the left wing, Afua this week debated the private life of one of Britain's own icons (Horatio Nelson) and debates on having the statue in Trafalgar square removed as she states "Nelson was a racist because he supported the continuation of Black slavery", Nelson's Column is a monument in Trafalgar Square in central London built to commemorate Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, if Nelson had of been unsuccessful in battle the freedoms we have today may not ever had existed. These statues and monuments commemorate British history and historical events and they should not be torn down to suit any individual or minority groups agenda, history can not be changed, British history should not be washed away to suit those that are clearly not patriotic or choose to celebrate British cultures and traditions.

Afua Hirsch is debating this very subject, She wrote the Guardian article about how she believes Horatio Nelson was a racist and through many media outlets with the inclusion of social media (Twitter) she has received racial backlash and as with all these instigators that provoke racial tensions they then "Play the victim".

Its now time to put a halt to Political correctness that's gone to far, far enough to threaten British History and its existence in the future. By signing this petition we are calling for Afua Hirsch to be removed (Banned) from the public eye (acting within the media to fulfill her personal agenda), We will use Afua as an example to all other extremist and radical journalists, reporters, writers, protestors, promoters and instigators of racial tensions and division within the mainstream media.

Racial hate is something we all want eradicated from our lives, we can not forget it exists if its promoted and encouraged in this way, when highly powered writers and journalists within the media cause deliberate spikes in racial hate deliberately (knowing the consequence of publishing) they should not be allowed to continue and held accountable, if new laws and legislation against the media is required to enforce this your signature aids that achievement.

Sign the petition and let us remove yet another instigator of racial hatred that reflects on our society and behaviors, through a free and open gateway to her (the media) Afua has indeed encouraged and provoked yet more division and hate amongst communities throughout the UK, you can witness the backlash at her open twitter account at


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