Tory government, wrong triggering article 50 too early. Another public vote will right it.

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1. The Tory government did not wait for the outcome of the research on the effect of BREXIT before they triggered article 50.

2. Is not that they do not know how long it takes to strike trade deals, yet they went ahead to trigger article 50 knowing that it will only give us 2 years to negotiate when they had not even done their ground work on what they want and how they want to go about it.

3.We have now discovered that Theresa May only decided to involve other parties actively when her deal was voted down, yet she was saying she had got us the best deal and that they had done their best. BREXIT was for all constituencies and not for the Tories only.

4. A lot of money must have been spent pursuing this course which was not well planned by the government and they want to force the nation out, good or bad. They are hiding under the notion that ''we voted to leave and leave means leave". 

5. Yes, the leave won, but they did not vote that you should not prepare the grounds well before or vote that they do not care how they leave because they were not aware of the problems you are now encountering while obeying their vote. 

5. So, why not come back to them and ask them how they want to come out of EU. Now you can clearly through the government research, educate them on why they should come out of EU or why they should remain in EU.

6. They spent our money to buy DUP to support them and are still spending more money on BREXIT and every other project or issue has become tertiary. There are lots of cuts everywhere and they do not mind because they want to rush BREXIT to score a political point at our expense, not fair. They want to force us out by all means and then BLAME US THAT THEY ARE OBEYING OUR MANDATE. 

7. Let the public vote again.  Ask them how they will want to come out of of EU (by any means?) or have they changed their mind (and decide to stay in EU?). Then, when they cast this vote, the result will make it easy for the governemnt to exit, any how,  deal or no deal or stay in EU. That will be a good political point and no voter will blame the government when things go wrong.