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STUDENT NURSES should get paid for working our hospitals? NO SLAVE LABOUR IN THE UK

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This year 2017 people wishing to take a degree in nursing at University are paying for the degree. OK that's fair if the 2000 hours of practical work on wards is paid. Unlike most students nurses don't get 4 days a week off to get a job to help out. So they should be paid minimum wage for 12 hour shifts. 

I know most of this year's students are already looking to the private sector to earn money to pay off debts accrued during their degree. So is this a plan to destroy the NHS by government or are the people in power finally going to realise nurses are as important if not more important than them. So sign get behind these people before your paying for all your healthcare. How long then before the UK becomes Victorian and the poor are left to die because medicine is beyond their pockets. 

If you want a private healthcare system and NO NHS ignore this and hope you can afford health insurance in the future.


Support Student Nurses keep the NHS the thing that makes the Uk special. 

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