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Separating Scholars and AAST from regular Horry County High Schools Class Rankings

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 Hello Friends and Community Members, I have this petition and need your signatures, currently students at programs in high schools in Horry county such as Scholars or AAST are ranked with the students at their base school(the school they would attend if they didn't choose to go to those programs) this is completely unfair to those students at those base schools because Scholars and AAST students are taking higher weighted classes on the GPA scale and it is completely impossible for students at Horry County base schools to out rank them, these students are taking away college acceptance, college scholarships, and class positions such as Junior Marshals, Valedictorian, and Salutatorian. Please sign this petition to do away with these students being ranked together, I have put below my letter to the Horry County Board of Education, please read for further elaboration on this issue.

Dear Horry County Schools School Board,

First of all I hope this letter finds you well, my name is Merritt Welch and I live in the Horry County Schools District. I have a serious concern with class ranking in Horry County High Schools and would like for you to carefully consider my solution. Students at programs such as Scholars or the Academy for Arts Science and Technology are ranked with the students who attend their base school. The students at AAST and Scholars are taking higher level classes all 4 years of high school, making their grade point average weighted more than students at their base school. Students at the base schools have no way of making their grade point average as high as those at the distinguished programs, since our high schools do not offer Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes all 4 years, there are 9th graders at Scholars taking Advanced Placement classes, but no way for a student just as smart as them to take those classes at a regular high school in Horry County. Since these classes are weighted more those students at Scholars and AAST have higher GPA’s than those at a regular high  school, therefore their class ranking is higher and they beat out the students at the regular high schools for certain scholarships, (i.e Palmetto Fellows) the students at our high schools have worked just as hard, if not harder to obtain their high GPA’s but they are denied these scholarships and positions such as Valedictorian and Salutatorian because students at Scholars and AAST have taken College Level courses all 4 years of High School, and our students at regular high schools have not had the opportunity to take classes weighted a much as theirs.

Our students in Horry County High Schools deserve to be ranked with the students at their school, not students who have attended Scholars or AAST, because students at those distinguished programs are taking higher weighted courses making their GPA higher than those in a regular Horry County High Schools, taking away their deserved scholarships and class rankings. Though students in our regular high schools are in the top 25% at their school, they can be denied acceptance to honorable colleges because Horry County Schools rank our students who are well deserving of scholarships and acceptance to these schools with students who have already taken college courses and beat them out in class rankings, this is absolutely unfair to our Horry County Schools students.

A solution to this problem would be separating the students at Scholars and AAST from the students at regular high schools, giving them separate class rankings and a separate graduation. This way it is completely fair for our Horry County Schools students. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


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