Safeindia..happyindia.. Safe childhood is our birth right..revolutionary awareness drive..

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India has around 472 million children..nearly 40% of the population are children..

Safe childhood is the basic birth right of every child in a nation.. It's pathetic to see an increase in child sex abuse and exploitation in the society..As a woman and mother of two young insecured and inconfident to let the kids play independently..there is a drastic increase in crime against children..according to an analysed study every 5mts a child is being abused...

I see a serious need to create awareness amongst children right  from their childhood  to respect human body and not objectify sexually..and learn to identify the good touch the bad touch..and the body safety rules.. 

There is an urgent need to educate and explain children in school to be safe.

I humbly request and beg the honourable Prime Minister and the minister for women and child development to look in to this issue to start a revolution as surakshit balya Bharat through out india

There is also a need to implement awareness drives in the society to stop objectifying children and women as sex teaching the ethics and morals values

So my petition is to create awareness in the society by positively grooming the citizens through a massive revolutionary awareness drive in the name of surakshit India..happyindia.. Safe childhood is our birth right...

and to include ethics and morals as a subject in the school syllabus to educate the children to grow up in to civilised citizens of future India.. 

Our India our responsibility

surakshit Bharat hamara Hakk hain...