Allow Age of Majority Cards to Ontario Driver's License Holders

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According to the Service Ontario website, a person who holds a Ontario Driver's License can not apply for an Age of Majority card without having their Driver's License rescinded.

It is unfair that the Province revokes a Driver's License if a person wants a Age of Majority card. As Canadian citizens, we should have a right to an Age of Majority Card, as an application of Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This would be an application of Liberty and Security of The Person rights.

We live in a time where personal security and identity theft are major issues. There are people who have means and devices that can steal information from personal ID cards and documents (without physical theft) and use the information for criminal acts. A great alternative is to allow all eligible Ontario citizens the additional choice of carrying an Age of Majority card (regardless of whether they possess a Ontario Driver's License), with less sensitive personal information. This would pose a lesser risk of physical or identity theft from more important documents such as a Driver's License or Canadian Passport.

Ontario citizens should be granted the choice to have an Age of Majority card without losing their Driver's License, particularly those who are concerned about privacy and security in this technologically advanced society. It would be a great step forward in granting individual freedoms, building trust between citizens and government, and creating peace of mind in concerned citizens of the Province.

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