Get Paris Visa Office to Speed up Processing of Canada Permanent Residency Applications

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We, as a group of hopeful applicants and prospective immigrants to the beautiful country of Canada, have put our faith in an immigration system, which is arguably one of the most modern and convenient systems of its kind in the world right now. IRCC and its Case Processing Centers and Local Visa Offices outside of Canada are responsible for processing the applications of Permanent Residency. We have been optimistic up until now, that our applications will be processed in a timely manner and that we will be able to move to Canada and start our lives according to the official timelines provided by IRCC for different categories of Permanent Residency applications.

However, for a number of reasons, some of which are known to us and some of which are not, our dream has not become the reality yet. The well documented problem of lengthy “Security Screening” for many applicants that has been brought to the attention of media and officials in the past weeks is one of the known reasons. Yet, for many of us the problem lies elsewhere. We are a group of applicants facing unusually long delays because our applications are not being processed in a timely manner at Paris Visa Office, while all the other visa offices and case processing centers both inside and outside of Canada have been processing applications as fast as possible (Security-Screening-related delays aside). For example, the normal processing time for Express Entry applications is 6 months, and many other visa offices finalize applications in less than 6 months, but for Paris Visa Office, many applications have passed the 6-month processing time, and for most of us, according to the official information we received from IRCC such as GCMS notes, processing of the application has not even started yet. This is true for other categories of applications as well.

Many of us have experienced months of delays due to reasons unknown to us, and the immigration team at Paris Visa Office have not even performed the primary actions on our applications. This is completely different from the Security-Screening-related delays, and we cannot imagine the reason as to why our applications are not being processed in a timely manner. These uncertainties are introducing a great amount of distress and anxiety to our lives and are adversely affecting our future plans.

Therefore, we hereby respectfully ask the Honorable Ahmed D. Hussen to:

1- Indicate a clear timeline for processing our applications, and provide a reasonable answer as to why our applications are not being processed in a timely manner at Paris Visa Office.

2- Take the appropriate actions necessary to speed up the processing of Permanent Residency applications at Paris Visa Office.

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